Constantin Joja was retained by the local history of Bucharest for his contribution in the field of architectural researches and studies, as well as for his concrete achievements in the field. At a theoretical level, he was one of the most prominent 20th century figures who sustained the cause of the traditional Romanian architectural styles and militated for their large-scale employment.

Furthermore, the merits of Constantin Joja are also related to the restoration and preservation of sundry historical monuments. In this respect, one of the most notable achievements of Constantin Joja refers to the restoration of the so-called Hanul cu Tei in Bucharest, a work he carried out in 1970 keeping true to the original structure and minute decorative details.

The Constantin Joja Memorial House was founded in 1990, in the very residence where the architect lived. The displayed exhibits (furniture, books) clarify, at least in a fragmentary manner, certain aspects related to the life and work of Constantin Joja.

Constantin Joja Memorial House (Casa Memorială Constantin Joja)
4, Strada Ion Slătineanu, Bucharest, Romania
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