Cornel Medrea was one of the most prolific Romanian sculptors of the 20th century. The namesake memorial museum displays much of the work of the artist, with highlights like Sărutul (The Kiss), Infinitul (The Infinity) and Zimbrul (The Wild Ox). However, the collection consists of some 350 exhibits, both sculptural works and drawings, which help visitors make an overall impression of the dedication with which Cornel Medrea followed his artistic vision.

The museum was founded in 1957, consisting of the donations made by Cornel Medrea himself. The collection is sheltered in the residence of Gheorghe Buzdugan, former member of the regency established after the abdication of Prince Carol II, Romanian statesman and jurist in the 20th century.

Cornel Medrea Museum (Muzeul Cornel Medrea)
16, Strada General Budisteanu, Bucharest, Romania
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