The Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum, or, briefly put, the Technical Museum, was founded by grace of Dimitrie Leonida, founder of the first electrical engineering and mechanics school in Romania, in 1909. It displays all sorts of exhibits, piecing out, at least in part, the history of the electrical engineering and mechanics. There’s also a consistent patrimony of museum pieces related to the field of chemistry, nuclear energy, mining, telecommunications, and hydraulics. The museological patrimony amounts to more than 5,000 exhibits, not to mention the generous documentary patrimony within the museum’s library.

One of the highlights of the Technical Museum of Bucharest refers to the Henri Coandă collection, consisting of sundry models of flying vehicles. Obviously, there’s a lot to see at the Technical Museum of Bucharest, which is always reassuring to visitors with keen interests in these fields. The museum is located within the Carol I Park.

Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum (Muzeul Tehnic Dimitrie Leonida)
2, Strada Candiano Popescu, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3367777
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