What is amazing about the Gala Galaction Memorial House is the simplicity and, moreover, the austerity of the set. But this feature, instead of discouraging visitors, reflects, on the contrary, the very lifestyle of Gala Galaction, keeping true to the spirit of this literate, professor, academy member and priest who, amongst others, is coauthor of one of the Romanian translations of the Bible.

The memorial house was founded in 1993, subsequently to the donation made by Elena Galaction-Stănciulescu (one of the daughters of Gala Galaction) to the Romanian state. Amongst the most prized exhibits, visitors can admire the very Bible translated by Gala Galaction, sundry personal effects and portraits of the writer. There’s also a wealth of paintings by Luky Galaction-Passarelli (another daughter of Galaction) displayed in one of the smaller rooms available to the visiting public.

Gala Galaction Memorial House (Casa Memorială Gala Galaction)
51, Strada Gala Galaction, Bucharest, Romania
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