Managed as a branch of the Museum of the Romanian Literature, the George and Agata Bacovia Memorial Museum, often referred to as a memorial house, was founded in 1966, 9 years after the death of the artist.

The exhibits are displayed in the very residence where George and Agata Bacovia lived for 24 years, between 1933 and 1957. It keeps a strikingly authentic atmosphere reminiscent of the times when the couple actually inhabited the house. Visitors can study and admire a range of personal effects of the couple (furniture and the like), manuscripts, photos, and sundry documents.

The museum is a prized resource for people who want to understand the gloominess which has always haloed both the work and the life of George Bacovia, the greatest Symbolist poet of the history of the Romanian literature.

George and Agata Bacovia Memorial Museum (Muzeul Memorial George şi Agata Bacovia)
63, Strada George Bacovia, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3324547
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