Otherwise referred to as the George Călinescu Memorial Museum, the George Călinescu Memorial House of Bucharest provides an insight into the life of the great Romanian literate. The house, otherwise an architecturally unpretentious structure, is surrounded by a garden populated with scattered architectural elements and sculptural works pegging out the greenery of the set.

Though it does not convey a comprehensive picture of the life and work of George Călinescu, the museum, by force of its range of exhibits, highlights some of the preoccupations cultivated by Călinescu. Some of the attractions of the inner museological asset refer to a collection of paintings by reputed Romanian artists (such as Theodor Pallady, Gheorghe Petraşcu, Ioan Andreescu, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Ştefan Luchian, Iosif Iser), to a collection of glass icons, as well as to a collection of applied and decorative arts (Oriental carpets and artworks, furniture and the like).

Furthermore, there’s also a range of personal effects available to the public, not to mention the wealth of manuscripts, photographs and items with documentary value one can study once inside the memorial house.

George Călinescu Memorial House (Casa Memorială George Călinescu)
53, Strada George Călinescu, Bucharest, Romania
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