Founder of the Romanian school of neurology, Gheorghe Marinescu was one of the most reputed figures in the field of the Romanian medicine in the early 20th century. His studies and researches abroad (in France, Germany, Italy, England, and Belgium) were complemented by his professional activity at the Pantelimon and Colentina hospitals of Bucharest.

The Gheorghe Marinescu Memorial Museum was founded in 1954, and it is chiefly to the doctor’s son and daughter that the present venue owes its existence. By visiting the museum, tourists interested in the life and work of Gheorghe Marinescu have the opportunity to understand the trajectory of his carrier, both in the field of neurological research and in respect to his practical work at the two hospitals in Bucharest.

The exhibits range from personal effects and furniture, photographs and decorative items to letters, manuscripts, studies and articles, all displayed in order to convey a coherent picture of the life of Gheorghe Marinescu and his greatest professional achievements.

Gheorghe Marinescu Memorial Museum (Muzeul Memorial Gheorghe Marinescu)
27, Strada Thomas Massaryk, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 2117613
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