Though not as resonant as other names that have marked the history of the Romanian art, by his work Hradt Avakian (also spelled Hrandt Avakian) did complement the scene of the visual arts in the 20th century Bucharest. The Armenian painter’s works are presently displayed in sundry museums and galleries, both in Romania and abroad, whereas others are part of collections proudly exhibited in countries like Russia, Germany, France or even the United States.

The Hradt Avakian Collection gathers together some of the works of this painter, but it also comprises works of decorative and applied arts amassed by Hradt Avakian and his sister since the mid 20th century until 1971 (when the collection was donated to the Romanian state). However, it was only 3 years later, in 1974, that the collection became accessible to the public.

Hradt Avakian Collection (Colecţia Hradt Avakian)
19, Strada Ion Mincu, Bucharest, Romania
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