The Ion Minulescu and Claudia Millian Memorial House was founded in 1991, when the daughter of Ion Minulescu left the former residence of the Minulescu family to the National Museum of the Romanian Literature in order to be turned into a memorial house.

What is striking about this memorial house is the consistent collection of works of art. Some of the highlights of this collection refer to paintings by Dimitrie Ghiaţă, Alexandru Ciucurescu, Henri Catargi, Margareta Sterian, complemented by sculptural works by Claudia Millian, Oscar Han, Cornel Medrea.

On top of this collection, visitors can also admire and study sundry personal effects of Ion Minulescu, pieces of furniture, letters, manuscripts, photographs, and literary documents.

Ion Minulescu and Claudia Millian Memorial House (Casa Memorială Ion Minulescu şi Claudia Millian)
19, Blvd. Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu, 2nd floor, Apt. 12, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3179041
0040 021 3179041
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