Sheltered in the same building as the numismatic collection of the Museum of the Municipality of Bucharest, the Maria and George Severeanu Collection consists of a wide range of exhibits with historical and archeological value.

As far as the professional life of George Severeanu is concerned, this important public figure of the early 20th century Bucharest was retained by the local history for his contributions to the Romanian radiology. On top of that, George Severeanu founded and managed sundry cultural and museological institutions. The collection he gathered in time (given he was a keen antiques and coin collector) consists of some 11,000 items. The exhibits range from antique Greek vases, Roman glassware, seals of the celebrated Romanian princes, Romanian medieval medals and orders, to an impressive array of coins (Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Ottoman coins, as well as modern European coins), with an emphasis on the numismatics of the Romanian provinces during the Middle Ages.

The collection was gradually donated to the Romanian state, first in 1939, after the death of George Severeanu, and then in 1949. It became available to the visiting public in 1956. By force of its amplitude and of the value of its exhibits, the Maria and George Severeanu Collection is one of the most important archeological and numismatic collections in Bucharest.

Maria and George Severeanu Collection (Colecţia Maria şi George Severeanu)
26, Strada Henri Coandă, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3179648
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