The Museum of the National Theater of Bucharest was founded under the guidance Gheorghe Franga, and then managed by Liviu Rebreanu, a celebrated figure of the history of the Romanian literature and culture during the mid 20th century, who established the first headquarters of the museum, in 1942. However, it was no sooner than 2001 that, after a decades-long period of turmoil (the collection was moved, exhibited or stored in sundry cultural institutions in Bucharest), the Museum of the National Theater of Bucharest found its final headquarters within the precincts of the current building of the National Theater of Bucharest.

The wide range of exhibits, consisting chiefly of items with documentary value (books, manuscripts, letters, and printings), paintings, photographs, masks and the like, reveals the history of the institution, while making available pieces of information less known to the public at large.

Museum of the National Theater of Bucharest (Muzeul Teatrului Naţional Bucureşti)
2, Blvd. Nicolae Bălcescu, Bucharest, Romania
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