The Museum of the Romanian Railways, or, briefly, the CFR Museum, is a unique presence on the museological scene of Bucharest. The history of this museum dates back to 1934, but the actual intention of setting up a museum of this kind started to materialize in 1939. It was only 30 year later, in 1969, that the museum actually opened its gates to the visiting public.

There’s a lot to see at the CFR Museum. Some of the most prized items refer to sundry models of steam locomotives, but also to life-size wagons (most of the latter displayed in the outdoor section of the museum) and to a consistent collection of uniforms and railway-related gears. People interested in the field might delight in admiring certain exhibits which peg out the history of the railway transport in Romania: the Gheorghe Cosmovici oil cup, a Hughes teletypewriter, a Siemens teletypewriter, as well as original parts of old steam locomotives.

Museum of the Romanian Railways (Muzeul Căilor Ferate Române)
193, Calea Griviţei, Bucharest, Romania
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