The National Military Museum was founded in 1923 subsequently to a decree issued by King Ferdinand (at present the museum bears the name of King Ferdinand). It provides a comprehensive insight into the history of the Romanian people from a military perspective, by means of an impressive collection patrimony which amounts to some 1,300,000 exhibits. A significant part of the initial patrimony, occasionally and understandably enriched in time by means of sundry additions, was damaged and lost in the course of the history of the museum.

However, the present collections, divided according to the themes they cover, feature a wide range of military uniforms, weapons (including firearms), flags, medals and the like. The collections can be studied either from a chronological perspective or from the point of view of the military domains: infantry, cavalry, air force, marine.

Given the wealth of exhibits impossible to display on the limited surface filled by the museum, the collections are constantly rotated. The museum is managed by the Ministry of National Defense of Romania.

National Military Museum (Muzeul Naţional Militar)
125-127, Strada Mircea Vulcănescu, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3195904
0040 021 3195903
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