The National Museum of Maps and Old Books was set up, at least in part, by grace of its two main contributors, Adrian and Daniela Năstase, who donated most of the exhibits presently displayed in the 16 rooms of the museums. The collections amount to some 800 items, which are always worth exploring by people interested in the field.

It’s true the target public of this museum is not as wide as it is the case with most of the other museums of Bucharest. However, the National Museum of Maps and Old Books is an invaluable stop on the sightseeing tour of the city recommendable for people keen in exploring old maps, prints, engravings and the like.

On top of its scientific and historical merits, the museum is often appreciated for the successful attempt of setting up the collections as aesthetically appealing as possible. The stained glass works are notable in this respect.

National Museum of Maps and Old Books (Muzeul Naţional al Hărţilor şi al Cărţii Vechi)
39, Strada Londra, Bucharest, Romania
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