Set up within the precincts of the National Museum of Romanian History, the Sports Museum underwent a troubled historical trajectory. Founded in 1971 within a section of the 23 August Stadium of Bucharest, the museum closed in 1979, only to open its gates again in 1994, at its new headquarters.

The museum features an extensive and continuously increasing collection of exhibits which try to piece out, at least fragmentarily, the history of the Romanian sports scene and physical education, with an emphasis on the major international achievements of the Romanian athletes: Alexandru Papana, Alexandru Frim, Henri Rang, Felix Topescu,Toma Tudoran, Alexandru Berlescu, Marin Butculescu, and Jian Calcianu, resonant names in sundry sports fields and worldwide reputed competitions.

The collections consist of acquisitions made by the museum proper under the management of sundry ministries, and of donations made by Olympic champions, trainers, sports clubs and sundry sports institutions.

The exhibits refers to medals, trophies, photographs.

Sports Museum (Muzeul Sportului)
12, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania
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