The Stork Museum, also referred to as the Frederick and Cecilia Cuţescu Stork Museum, is set up in the historical residence of the Stork family, which dates back to 1913 and built by the design of Frederick Stork himself.

The museum displays a miscellaneous collection of artworks by the members of the Stork family, reputed in their time for their artistic ancestry. Virtually all of the members of the family were either creators or involved, one way or another, in the artistic life of Bucharest (and nationwide, for that matter). As in interesting historical reference, Cecilia Cuţescu Stork was the first woman professor acting within a national academy, her specialty being sculpture.

The museum honors and keeps alive the contribution of this family to the cultural history of Bucharest, in the wider context of the understandable alignment of the Romanian scene to the European trends.

Stork Museum (Muzeul Frederick şi Cecilia Cuţescu Stork)
16, Strada Vasile Alecsandri, Bucharest, Romania
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