Theodor Aman was one of the most important Romanian painters during the 19th century. His contribution to the history of the Romanian art is complemented by the fact Theodor Aman also founded the first schools of fine arts in the country. At the same time, Theodor Aman is remarkable for his efforts of aligning the Romanian art to the modern European standards of this time.

The Theodor Aman Museum is set up in the very home of the artist, a building which dates back to 1869, erected by the design of Theodor Aman himself. Theodor Aman also designed the outer decorations of the memorial house, the highlights of which refer to the sculptural works representing Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. By studying both the building and the exhibits inside the edifice, tourists can make an idea about the amplitude of the preoccupations cultivated by Theodor Aman for the duration of his entire life.

Thus, the collection consists of drawings, items with documentary value, letters, clothing, sculptural works, paintings and sundry instruments (musical or otherwise). The diversity of this collection aims to provide a picture as comprehensive as possible of the life and work of Theodor Aman.

Theodor Aman Museum (Muzeul Theodor Aman)
1, Strada C.A. Rosetti, Bucharest, Romania
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