The indisputable merits of the literary work of Tudor Arghezi for the history of the Romanian literature need no further presentation. By visiting the Memorial House set up subsequently to the death of the writer, tourists can complement their understanding of the invaluable heritage left by this great national poet. Locally known as the Mărţişor House, this memorial museum fills the very residence of Arghezi, where he lived for most of his life, since 1930 until his death, in 1967.

It was the will of Arghezi himself that the residence be transformed into a memorial museum after his death. Thus, the museum was founded in 1974, and its exhibits fill the 18 rooms of the house and sundry additional structures. Given its size, the museum is quite impressive not only with respect to the number of the displayed articles, but also from the point of view of their documentary value. The impressive library of the poet (containing several thousands volumes), the medals and awards received by the poet as acknowledgment of the value of his work (the Herder award is, perhaps, the most prized of all), sundry personal effects (furniture, gramophones), a range of portraits of the poet made by various national artists, manuscripts and pictures, all these help visitors make a comprehensive picture about the life of Tudor Arghezi.

The Tudor Arghezi Memorial House is managed by the Museum of the Romanian Literature.

Tudor Arghezi Memorial House (Casa Memorială Tudor Arghezi)
26, Strada Mărţişor, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3325900
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