Victor Babeş was one of the most important and worldwide renowned Romanian scientists specialized in the field of bacteriology, microbiology and morpho-pathology. He was, in fact, the founder of the Romanian school of microbiology and of the Institute of Bacteriology of Bucharest.

The massive contribution of Victor Babeş to these fields is honored by the Victor Babeş Memorial Museum. The museum was founded in 1955, by grace of Mircea and Sofia Babeş (son and daughter-in-law of Victor Babeş) who decided that the ground floor of their residence be transferred into a memorial museum. The patrimony of the museum increased in time, such that at present the collections fill both the ground floor and the second floor of the building.

The life and activity of Victor Babeş is documented in depth, by means of exhibits which range from scientific works and manuscripts to diplomas and certificates. Other exhibits also show the aesthetic inclinations of Victor Babeş, with a wealth of pieces of furniture, glassware, fine artworks, silverware, tapestries, carpets and the like. A special part of the collection displayed at the Victor Babeş Memorial Museum is dedicated to highlighting the life and work of Vincențiu Babeș, father of Victor Babeș, retained by the national history as founding member of the Romanian Academy and important statesman, lawyer and professor.

Victor Babeş Memorial Museum (Muzeul Memorial Victor Babeş)
14 A, Strada Andrei Mureşanu, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 2302302
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