The history of the Bragadiru Palace goes back to the mid 19th century when a local businessman, Dumitru Marinescu, later called Dumitru Marinescu Bragadiru, bought the domain located on the nowadays Calea Rahovei in order to turn it into a leisure complex. Dumitru Marinescu made his way through in the alcohol industry, and the peak of his prosperity was attained during and after the War of Independence, when his business extended with a distillery in the commune of Bragadiru (hence, the name of the businessman). The name of Bragadiru is also related to the foundation of the first beer factory nearby Bucharest, in the context of a notable scarcity of beer production in the region.

All in all, in order to complement his business with a leisure infrastructure (apparently, this was the tradition of most of the reputed beer factories at the time), Bragadiru bought, as said, the domain on the back then called Kalitzei Bridge (nowadays Calea Rahovei), where he commissioned the construction of a monumental building. Anton Shuckerl was the architect in charge with designing the future Colossus (as the palace was referred to at the time). After the completion of the construction works (in 1905), the building stood out in sharp relief by an array of architectural elements entwined in a beautiful eclectic unity rivaling in monumentality and prestige with all the other major architectural landmarks of the time: the Post Palace, the C.E.C. Palace or the Palace of Justice. The complex accommodated a ballroom, sundry offices, rooms and shops, and even a library.

At present, the Bragadiru Palace, also known as the Colosseum Hall (Sala Colosseum), is one of the best and most stylish solutions one can turn to in order to organize special private or corporate events. Thus, the Bragadiru Palace undertakes to organize events ranging from weddings, dinner parties and anniversaries to conferences and even concerts, guaranteeing clients unique moments in an atmosphere haloed by historical reputation and architectural and aesthetic excellence.

Bragadiru Palace (Palatul Bragadiru)
147-153, Calea Rahovei, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 4092836
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147-153, Calea Rahovei, Bucharest, Romania

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