The construction works at the Commercial Academy Palace started in 1916, but they were completed no sooner than 1926, one of the main reasons being the interruption of the works because of the political, social and economic disturbance caused by the First World War. Ever since its opening, the Commercial Academy Palace has been hosting the best rated institution of higher economic studies in Romania, back then called the Academy of Higher Commercial and Industrial Studies, and now referred to as the Academy of Economic Studies (the institution was founded in 1913 by royal decree), a name it acquired in 1967, during the communist regime. The briefness of its name has also led to the naming of the palace as the ASE Palace.

The palace was built in a neoclassical style by three main architects, namely, Grigore Cerchez (also spelled Cherchez or Cerkez), Edmond van Saanen Algi and Culina Arghir. A particular decorative feature of the palace refers to its legendary huge ball placed on top of the roof. The ball has penetrated the urban folklore, since it gave rise to a saying, according to which the respective ball would fall from the roof when the first virgin graduates the academy.

Commercial Academy Palace (Palatul Academiei Comerciale)
6, Piaţa Romană, Bucharest, Romania

6, Piaţa Romană, Bucharest, Romania

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