Despite the fact it is not accessible to the visiting public, the Elisabeth Palace is a landmark of Bucharest worth including in the tourist circuit of the city not necessarily due to its architectural presence (quite unpretentious, one might say), but due to its historical background and to its reference to the royal family of Romania.

Indeed, built in 1937 for the intended use of Princess Elisabeth, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria, the palace, while fenced by white walls, materializes in a discreet expression a fortunate alliance between the Moorish style and Brâncoveanu style touches. The carefully trimmed gardens are populated with bronzes, and the interior of the palace proper is divided into several rooms, reception halls and art galleries.

What is worth mentioning is the palace was not used as royal residence for long, since 1948 was the moment when the last king of Romania, Michael, was forced to resign. During the communist regime it was confiscated by the authorities and used according to the state's interests, whereas after the 1989 Revolution, it was turned into a high-class restaurant. However, in 2001 it was reclaimed by the heirs of the royal family (Princess Margaret and Prince Radu).

Even though, as said, the Elisabeth Palace is not accessible to the public, visitors can admire the building from the outside. The palace is located in the very proximity of the Herăstrău Park and of the Village Museum.

Elisabeth Palace (Palatul Elisabeta)
26, Şoseaua Kiseleff, Bucharest, Romania

26, Şoseaua Kiseleff, Bucharest, Romania

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