The Ghika Tei Palace, also known to the locals of Bucharest as Ghika Palace (alternately spelled Ghica), is an architectural jewel built in a Neoclassical Italian style, and surrounded by an 11,000 square meter domain. It is located in the Plumbuita Park which borders the Plumbuita Lake. The palace neighbors, at the same time, on the Plumbuita Monastery (to which it is connected by means of an underground tunnel measuring about 1 kilometer in length) and on the so-called Church of Lady Ghica’s Lime Tree (the latter having been built 11 years after the construction of the Ghika Palace proper).

The Ghika Palace was built in 1822 at the will of Prince Grigore Dimitrie Ghica, who turned back then to the services of Xavier Villacrosse in order to replace the former home of Dumitrache Ghica with a princely residence. The most consistent restoration works were carried out in 1978, and since then, the palace was used as headquarters of sundry administrative or political institutions. It also worked as a restaurant.

At present, the Ghika Palace is one of the most stylish venues were a wide range of events, both private and corporate, can be organized in Bucharest. Thus, the Ghika Tei Palace is a landmark of the historical architectural patrimony of the capital, as well as a reference point in terms of leisure activities for people who want to combine their quality moments with the historical and classy atmosphere maintained by the exquisite Ghika Palace of Bucharest.

Ghika Tei Palace (Palatul Ghika Tei)
5, Strada Doamna Ghica, Bucharest, Romania
0040 0735 444422

5, Strada Doamna Ghica, Bucharest, Romania

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