The Ştirbey Palace (also spelled Ştirbei Palace) is part of a wider domain which also comprises, next to the palace as such, a wide lawn, a church, a chapel, a summer pavilion, a park, a water tower and a lake. However, the Ştirbey Palace was the first structure starting from which the rest of the domain was laid out. The construction works at the palace started in 1850 by order of Barbu Dimitrie Ştirbei, back then prince of Wallachia, but the structure was completed no sooner than 1863, under Alexandru Barbu Ştirbei.

The Gothic elements are more or less visible, both inside and outside the building, but what matters is the princely sumptuousness and prestige of the palace was repeatedly acknowledged by the fact the building was often used for receiving the noble guests of Alexandru Ştirbei (public figures, cultural and political personalities, scientists, businesspeople and so on).

The chapel within the precincts of the Ştirbey Domain was also built under Alexandru Ştirbei, the construction works being completed in 1890. The chapel stands out by its visibly prominent Gothic architecture and by the decorative paintings made by Gheorghe Tattarescu. It is here that sundry members of the Ştirbei family are buried.

After a decades-log period during which the domain was confiscated by the communist authorities, the palace, as well as the adjoining structures (built chiefly during the 20th century) have been put to a completely different use. While aiming to preserve the huge historical and architectural patrimony of the domain, the authorities managing the domain have also turned it into a classy leisure and business opportunity. Thus, the entire domain is available for organizing a wide range of events (private and corporate alike), putting forward an infrastructure hardly paralleled by any other event planning company in Bucharest. Combining the historical and cultural reputation with the benefits of a luxury solution and with the standards of modern comfort, the Ştirbey Domain is, obviously, more than a stop on the sightseeing tour in the close surroundings of Bucharest.

Ştirbey Palace (Palatul Ştirbey)
36, Strada Ştirbey Vodă, Buftea, Ilfov, Romania
0040 0374 055593

36, Strada Ştirbey Vodă, Buftea, Ilfov, Romania

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