The Stock Exchange Palace is, at present, the headquarters of the National Library of Romania, the most important and largest of all the libraries in Romania. The building has been performing this function since 1955, when the library was called the Central State Library. Until 1949, the palace was the place where the stock exchange as institution operated, but since it was dissolved in 1949, the only thing reminiscent of the said institution is the name of the palace.

The architect in charge with designing the palace was Ştefan Burcuş, trained at Ecole de Beaux Arts of Paris. The construction works were initiated in 1906 and completed in 1912. The Stock Exchange Palace strikes both by its monumentality and by the lushly decorated façade, work of Emil W. Becker, the official sculptor of the royal family of Romania in the early 20th century.

Stock Exchange Palace (Palatul Bursei)
4, Strada Ion Ghica, Bucharest, Romania

4, Strada Ion Ghica, Bucharest, Romania

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