The history of the Şuter Palace has been crossed by glamor since its construction until the present day. Built on the highest natural ground of Bucharest, the Şuter Palace does not overlook the city only from a geographical perspective, but it also represents a landmark of the architectural patrimony and a point of reference in terms of luxury accommodation solutions for people who want to sample what is best and most refined in the capital of Romania.

Thus, the Şuter Palace was built in 1906 by Adolf Suter, a Swiss architect who, together with Redont, a French architect, had been previously invited by Kind Carol I to Bucharest in order to contribute to the transformation of the marshes in the Filaret Hill region into a park, somewhere around 1895. Drawn by the perspective of extending the plans of Carol I beyond the confines of the original project, Suter bought the domain located on the hilltop and built here an architectural jewel which soon became a hub of the social, cultural and political life of Bucharest. Architecturally speaking, the Șuter Palace stood out and an impeccable expression of the neoclassical style entwined with prominent Brâncoveanu style touches.

After the death of Carol I, Suter sold his property to a wealthy Greek banker who, at his turn, was in search of a glamorous present for his mistress, a French woman who, as the story goes, shined on the social life scene of Bucharest by her unparalleled beauty. During the communist regime, the palace was confiscated by the authorities and put to use in order to serve their intentions. The palace is said to have also been turned into a center coordinating the KGB operations in Bucharest.

For several decades, the palace seems to have disappeared from the public scene of the city, but it came back in force in 2007, after a 4-year period when the historical building underwent major restoration works. The restoration project kept close to both the structure and the decorative details of the palace. In order to achieve this goal, the services of sundry architects, interior decorators and construction companies from Italy, Denmark, Austria, England, Germany, Poland, Chechnya, as well as from Romania, were resorted to.

The Şuter Palace is at present a height of luxury in Bucharest. It is the headquarters of the exquisite Carol Parc Hotel, and for the refined spendthrifts of the capital, it also stands as an opened door to a glamorous episode from the history of the city.

Şuter Palace (Palatul Şuter)
23-25, Aleea Şuter, Bucharest, Romania

23-25, Aleea Şuter, Bucharest, Romania

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