The Victory Palace was built between 1937 and 1944 under the supervision of Duiliu Marcu, reputed professor and architect at the time. This monolithic structure which materializes an austere expression of the neoclassical style, is, just like the Parliament Palace and the Cotroceni Palace, an important administrative building in Bucharest, since it represents the seat of the Government of Romania. In fact, it has been performing this function since its opening, during the communist regime, when it accommodated the activity of the Ministry of External Affairs and of the Council of Ministers.

The building, which overtops the Victory Square (Piaţa Victoriei), suffered heavy damages during World War Two, which is why it subsequently underwent significant restoration works (until 1952). The palace was declared a historical monument in 2004.

Victory Palace (Palatul Victoria)
1, Piaţa Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania

1, Piaţa Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania

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