Cişmigiu Park

The Cişmigiu Park is, without a doubt, one of the top tourist sights in Bucharest. The park stretches on a surface of 17 hectares, and, while being unanimously deemed the... Cişmigiu Park

Herăstrău Park

The uniqueness of the Herăstrău Park lies in the fact it is the largest park of Bucharest. Thus, it stretches on a surface of 110 hectares, of which 74 hectares... Herăstrău Park

Plumbuita Park

The Plumbuita Park is located, just as it is the case with the Herăstrău Park, on one of the lakes formed by the stream of the Colentina River. Thus, the... Plumbuita Park

Youth Park

The Youth Park was built between 1965 and 1974, by following the designs of Valentin Donose, and the construction works took so long since the topography on which the park... Youth Park

Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden

The Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden is a historical venue founded in 1860 under the auspices and by order of Alexandru Ioan Cuza and at the initiative of Carol Davila. The... Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden

Bucharest Zoological Garden

The origins of the Bucharest Zoological Garden date back to 1955, when sundry parks and gardens of Bucharest were populated with small communities of animals (both autochthonous and exotic species).... Bucharest Zoological Garden

Carol I Park

The Carol I Park, also referred to as the Carol Park or the Liberty Park, is one of the oldest parks in Bucharest. Due to its age and patrimony of... Carol I Park

Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

The Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park is more commonly known to the locals of Bucharest as the Titan Park. The IOR Park is yet another usual, yet somewhat outdated denomination of... Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

State Circus Park

The State Circus Park is a park laid out in the early 1960s as set for the back then called State Circus building, now referred to as the Globus Circus.... State Circus Park

Bordei Park

The Bordei Park is one of the smallest parks in Bucharest, stretching on a surface of only 3.3 hectares. Yet, by force of its location in the vicinity of the... Bordei Park

Băneasa Forest

The Băneasa Forest is the largest green space in Bucharest. It is located some 10 kilometers from the center of the city, separated from the Băneasa International Airport by the... Băneasa Forest

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