The Băneasa Forest is the largest green space in Bucharest. It is located some 10 kilometers from the center of the city, separated from the Băneasa International Airport by the Bucureşti-Ploieşti Street. The Băneasa Forest is, in fact, the only forest proper in Bucharest, and given its relatively poor condition, it is often regarded as a place which is worth more than the authorities’ lack of involvement and attention in respect to its tourist and leisure potential.

The forest is nonetheless used as weekend refuge by the locals of Bucharest, since the forest is, first of all, dotted with restaurants and terraces and it stands out as a notable site where sundry outdoor activities can be carried out (jogging, for instance). On top of that, a paintball center is located here, enhancing the natural leisure infrastructure of the forest. However, the Bucharest Zoological Garden is, without a doubt, the major highlight of the forest.

Băneasa Forest (Pădurea Băneasa)
Bucharest, Romania

Pădurea Băneasa, Bucharest, Romania

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