The origins of the Bucharest Zoological Garden date back to 1955, when sundry parks and gardens of Bucharest were populated with small communities of animals (both autochthonous and exotic species). Until 1959, these communities were gathered from the Cişmigiu Park, the Herăstrău Park, the Carol I Park (Liberty Park) and from the Băneasa Forest and brought together within what was back then called the Băneasa Zoological Corner. The venue acquired the name of the Bucharest Zoological Garden in 1962.

At present, the Bucharest Zoological Garden shelters hundreds of species of animals (birds, mammals, reptiles), accommodating the living collections on a surface of almost 6 hectares. The authorities in charge with managing the garden pay special attention to the endangered species and, given the specificity of its biological asset, its mission is to make the public aware about the frailty and importance of the animal life.

The garden is easily accessible, being located right about one kilometer north of Băneasa International Airport.

Bucharest Zoological Garden (Grădina Zoologică Bucureşti)
4, Strada Vadul Moldovei, Bucharest, Romania
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