The uniqueness of the Herăstrău Park lies in the fact it is the largest park of Bucharest. Thus, it stretches on a surface of 110 hectares, of which 74 hectares are filled by the Herăstrău Lake. In fact, the lake was the core around which the park was later built, the shore of the lake being the favorite promenade for the high society of Bucharest since the early 19th century. The lake is part of the network of lakes on the stream of the Colentina River.

The park was inaugurated in 1936, after a 6-year period when drainage works were carried out in order to make way to the future leisure venue. Formerly known as the Carol II Park, the National Park or even the I.V. Stalin Park, the Herăstrău Park is, at present, one of the most complete leisure opportunities locals and visitors in particular can enjoy exploring while in Bucharest.

Thus, the venue is ideal for practicing all sorts of outdoor sports, for mere walks of for relaxation. The lake can be used for boat trips or water sport, which is always nice to envisage by people keen on dynamic pastimes. Sports fishing is also possible on the lake. The numerous events organized here also turn the Herăstrău Park into a culturally sparkling opportunity, inviting visitors to sample some of the specific character of the capital of Romania.

The park also stands out by its lush flora, being sunken in the refreshing greenery of the trees (chiefly lime trees, willows, ash trees, poplars and maples) and brightened by areas like the Japanese Garden, the Rose Island, the Poplar Island or the Expo Flora area. Adding the fact the park is dotted with statues, terraces and restaurants, pavilions and exhibition places, one can easily understand the impact the venue has on the locals’ life. Briefly put, it is one of the top choices tourists can turn to in order to sample what is best and highest rated in Bucharest in terms of leisure opportunities.

On top of that, the park neighbors on yet other several top attractions of the city, such as the Village Museum and the Elisabeth Palace, just to list a few.

Herăstrău Park (Parcul Herăstrău)
Strada Kiseleff, Bucharest, Romania

Strada Kiseleff, Bucharest, Romania

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