The Plumbuita Park is located, just as it is the case with the Herăstrău Park, on one of the lakes formed by the stream of the Colentina River. Thus, the Plumbuita Lake fills a considerable surface of the total area on which the namesake park stretches (some 80 hectares), but it doesn’t exhaust the entire landscape of the venue. Thus, for instance, the park is large enough to accommodate other two important tourist sights of Bucharest, namely, the Ghika Tei Palace and the Plumbuita Monastery.

In winter, the lake turns into a wide open air skating rink, and in summer it is pegged out by a spectacular artesian well. Other highlights refer to a football field (the access is charged) and to several kids playgrounds. Indeed, the Plumbuita Park is neither the most beautiful nor the most spectacular parks in Bucharest, yet it is well worth a visit. Tourists can refresh and relax on the benches laid out under a pergola, as well as they can walk on the several bridges set up on the artificial water stream or on the meandering alleys of the venue. Also worth mentioning is the Plumbuita Park is home to a regular fair of small pets and exotic birds.

The park was built during the communist regime, in 1977, meaning it is one of the most recent presences on the scene of open-air leisure opportunities in Bucharest.

Plumbuita Park (Parcul Plumbuita)
Strada Doamna Ghica, Bucharest, Romania

Strada Doamna Ghica, Bucharest, Romania

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