The State Circus Park is a park laid out in the early 1960s as set for the back then called State Circus building, now referred to as the Globus Circus. The challenges faced by Valentin Donose (the same landscape architect who designed the Youth Park) came down to conceiving the park such as to highlight the architectural profile and qualities of the State Circus, which he eventually did.

The venue is neither one of the largest (it fills a surface of about 26 hectares) nor one of the oldest parks in Bucharest. It is, nevertheless, one of the most interesting of all, as least in terms of floral asset. Thus, for instance, the park is famed for being the habitat of a consistent population of Egyptian lotuses. The species grows on the shore of the centrally located lake (the Nature Spring Lake).

The greenery is, of course, complemented by tens of thousands of specimens of trees and shrubs penetrated by meandering alleys and ample lawns which descend from the State Circus building to the lake providing visitors with an excellent promenade.

State Circus Park (Parcul Circul de Stat)
Blvd. Lacul Tei, Bucharest, Romania

Blvd. Lacul Tei, Bucharest, Romania

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