The Youth Park was built between 1965 and 1974, by following the designs of Valentin Donose, and the construction works took so long since the topography on which the park lays at present featured its inner challenges which had to be dealt with in order to implement the design of the venue. The park fills a surface of some 80 hectares and it stretches on the south side of Bucharest, just between two other smaller parks, namely, the Carol Park and the Văcăreşti Park, delineated at northeast by the Tineretului Boulevard, and by the Olteniţei Street at southwest. The park also neighbors on one of the most celebrated cemeteries in Bucharest, that is, the Bellu Cemetery.

Located approximately in the center of the park, there is the Youth Lake (Lacul Tineretului) which yields rewarding leisure opportunities in the summer season, when visitors can rent boats in order to explore the lake. The lake, together with the consistent greenery of the park, generates a wholesome habitat for sundry species of birds which either transit the area during the migration period or nest here from spring to autumn. The lake is pegged out by three small islets, two of them being connected to the shore by means of picturesque bridges.

The park is ideal for strolling, jogging or relaxing, since it is laid out with alleys (the largest of all is the one which surrounds the lake), benches and green spaces. Another major highlight refers to the fact the Polyvalent Hall (Sala Polivalentă), currently known as the Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu Hall, is located within the park. The hall is used to cultural and entertainment purposes.

Youth Park (Parcul Tineretului)
Blvd. Tineretului, Bucharest, Romania

Blvd. Tineretului, Bucharest, Romania

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