Kretzulescu Church

The Kretzulescu Church (also spelled Crețulescu) was built between 1720 and 1722, and it is one of the best preserved and most representative orthodox places of worship in Bucharest, as... Kretzulescu Church

Stavropoleos Church

The Stavropoleos Church is a unique architectural presence in Bucharest. This orthodox place of worship, it too built in the first decades of the 18th century (1724), during the reign... Stavropoleos Church

University Chapel of Saint Nicholas

Formerly known as the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas, the nowadays University Chapel of Saint Nicholas is a unique building in Bucharest and nationwide alike. Despite the fact it... University Chapel of Saint Nicholas

Cathedral of Saint Joseph

The Cathedral of Saint Joseph is the most important Roman Catholic Church in Bucharest serving, at the same time, as cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archbishopric in Bucharest and Metropolitan... Cathedral of Saint Joseph

Metropolitan Church

The Metropolitan Church, also referred to as the Patriarchal Cathedral, is part of the religious architectural complex on Dealul Mitropoliei in Bucharest, which also includes the Palace of the Chamber... Metropolitan Church

Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

Dating back to the 16th century, the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul is one of the oldest places of worship in Bucharest. It was formerly known as the... Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul

Zlătari Parish Church

The construction works at the nowadays Zlătari Parish Church started in 1850, and they were carried out by following the design of Xavier Villacrosse. However, the original place of worship... Zlătari Parish Church

Bucur Church

The Bucur Church (also referred to as the Church of Bucur the Shepherd) is one of the most controversial places of worship in Bucharest. The debates focus chiefly on the... Bucur Church

Colţea Church

The Colţea Church is one of the architectural monuments most representative of the Brâncoveanu style age, combining Byzantine elements with influences typical of the Romanian architecture, as well as touches... Colţea Church

Oţetari Church

The present Oţetari Church dates back to 1757 when, during the reign of Constantin Mavrocordat, a stone church was erected in order to replace the former wooden structures (the original... Oţetari Church

Church of the Old Princely Court

The Church of the Old Princely Court was built by Mircea Ciobanul, 3 times prince of Wallachia, between 1545 and 1554. The church is part of the Old Princely Court... Church of the Old Princely Court

Lady’s Church

The Lady’s Church is an architectural monument the value of which lies in the fact it stands as a place of worship which materializes the transition between two of the... Lady’s Church

Dobroteasa Parish Church

The present Dobroteasa Parish Church was built in 1887 in a Byzantine style, and it is dedicated to the Annunciation and to two other patron saints: Saint Parascheva and Saint... Dobroteasa Parish Church

Antim Monastery

An important part of the substantial cultural heritage left by Antim Ivireanul refers to the Antim Monastery, an edifice built between 1713 and 1715 in Bucharest. The church materializes the... Antim Monastery

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