The Lady’s Church is an architectural monument the value of which lies in the fact it stands as a place of worship which materializes the transition between two of the most prominent traditional Romanian architectural and artistic paradigms, namely, the ones cultivated under the auspices and under the influence of Matei Basarab and, respectively, Constantin Brâncoveanu.

The somewhat austere character of the Basarab style reflects on the scarcely decorated window frames, whereas the taste for lush decorations typical of the Brâncoveanu style is anticipated by the abundant elements rendered on top of the entrance.

The founder of the church, Lady Maria, wife of Şerban Cantacuzino, is called forth by the very name of the edifice, which, for that matter, was built no later than 1683. The church complements the architectural heritage on Calea Victoriei, and it is a tourist sight worth visiting by people interested in exploring in depth the huge modern era patrimony of Bucharest.

Lady’s Church (Biserica Doamnei)
28, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania
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