Formerly known as the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas, the nowadays University Chapel of Saint Nicholas is a unique building in Bucharest and nationwide alike. Despite the fact it was built no sooner than the early 20th century, it was declared a historical monument by force of its singularity.

Indeed, built between 1905 and 1909, following the design of Preobrajensky, the chapel materializes a typical Russian style, featuring 7 onion-shaped domes. The domes, just like the rood screen, are covered with gold foil. The extensive pictorial works were created by two Russian artists, Vasiliev and Cudinov.

What is also worth mentioning is this place of worship was built by order of the Russian ambassador at the time, and it served as chapel of the Russian Embassy until 1934. For 13 years (until 1947), it served as chapel of the University of Bucharest, and after yet another 35-year period when it was successively administered by the Russian Orthodox Church and then by the Romanian Orthodox Church, it became, again, the Chapel of the University of Bucharest.

University Chapel of Saint Nicholas (Sfântul Nicolae – Paraclis Universitar)
9, Strada Ion Ghica, Bucharest, Romania
0040 021 3146450
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