By far, the Victory Avenue (Calea Victoriei) is, without a shadow of a doubt, the one thoroughfare one can choose to follow in case they want to take a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Bucharest. Formerly called the Mogoşoaia Bridge (most likely because it used to make the connection between Bucharest and the Mogoşoaia Palace), the Victory Avenue was often compared, in the course of history, with Champs Elysees, an association dating back to the age when Bucharest itself gained the surname of the Little Paris.

The thoroughfare gained the name of Calea Victoriei subsequently to the War of Independence (1877), and since then it has maintained the reputation of historical avenue of Bucharest, now substantiated by the fact the street meanders through the very core of the architectural and historical patrimony of the capital of Romania.

Thus, by following the Victory Avenue, tourists can stumble across sights like the C.E.C. Palace, the Post Palace (now home to the National Museum of the History of Romania), the Palace of the National Military Circle, the Capşa Hotel, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Royal Palace (home to the National Museum of Art of Romania), the Cantacuzino Palace (which shelters the Geroge Enescu National Museum), the Ştirbey Palace and the Museum of Art Collections, not to mention the Victory Square and the Revolution Square, each of these featuring their inner attractions.

The Telephone Palace is also located on the Victory Avenue, and plenty of luxury hotels of Bucharest take pride in being accessible from the historical avenue of the city, which is no wonder, since this street has managed to built the reputation of a genuine backbone of the city, a point of reference for all newcomers (and not only) who want to get a sense of orientation while in Bucharest.

At south, the Victory Avenue is bordered by Splaiul Independenţei, and at north by the Victory Square. Tourists who choose to head northwards can easily get to the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and to the Herăstrău Park, where they can visit, amongst others, the Village Museum.

Victory Avenue (Calea Victoriei)
Bucharest, Romania

Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania

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