While heading for Bucharest, spendthrifts should keep in mind the city is more than generously endowed to cater for anyone’s splurging fancies. It’s true most of the luxury hotels accommodate better with the notion of business tourism, which is, perhaps, one of the reasons the price policies applied here rival with the ones commonly expected in any of the big cities of West Europe.

Indeed, splurging in Bucharest comes at a price (a considerable one, for that matter), but the quality of the services and facilities provided falls nothing short of the concept of high standard stylish and complete accommodation. Certain tourists might find reason to complain about the grayness of the surroundings of the said hotels or about a certain somewhat cold stiff vibe. But, all in all, the reputation of the international hotel chains (which prevail across the luxury accommodation picture of the city), as well as the high rating of the locally acknowledged historical sleeping venues guarantees a stay which lacks nothing of the glamor typical of any given luxury hotel.

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Amongst others, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel boasts of a glitzy guest book. It is the traditional venue where international bigwigs prefer to stay while transiting Bucharest. But this is no surprise, given JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel is all about glamor and high standard.

Located just next to the celebrated monumental Parliament Palace, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel is often tagged as a city within a city, as an indication of its comprehensive range of facilities and services: more than 400 rooms, 6 restaurants and bars, a fitness and spa center, plenty of shopping opportunities and even an on-site casino.

For updated information on the latest offers, contact information and in order to make online reservations, please visit JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

Intercontinental Bucharest

Enjoying a virtually central location in Bucharest, Hotel Intercontinental overlooks the surroundings with its occasionally criticized architectural contour, a tall 22-floor building counting some 90 meters in height, built during the communist regime (in 1971).

The hotel welcomes its guests with 283 rooms and suites, crowned by the Imperial Suite, all fitted in the spirit of the highest standards of luxury. Refined, vast and cozy at the same time, each of these rooms is provided with a balcony from where guests can admire the view (the National Theater, the University Square). The hotel is endowed with both business and leisure facilities, witch turn the venue into one of the most reliable luxury alternatives in Bucharest. The presence of Casino Bucharest, one of the most reputed gambling venues in the capital, within the precincts of the hotel enhances the tourist appeal of Intercontinental Bucharest and the leisure platform available to its guests (but not exclusively).

In order to learn more about the special offers of Intercontinental Bucharest, of its range of amenities and services, as well as in order to make online reservations, please visit Intercontinental Bucharest.

Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel

Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities, and its decorative qualities stand out by the simplicity of the elegant lines and details. The hotel counts 285 rooms and suites equipped with French furniture and, by force of both the services it provides and of its location (in the center of Bucharest, like most of the other 5-star hotels in the capital of Romania), it is one of the top choice for business and leisure travelers alike.

Two of the highlights of Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel refer to its Asian restaurant (said to be the best of its kind in Bucharest) and to the chic bar where guests can sip refined cocktails while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

For complete information on the services and facilities available at Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, as well as in order to make online reservations, please visit Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel.

Hilton Athenee Palace

Just like JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Hilton Athenee Palace is a favorite of the international celebrities who come to Bucharest. This is a juncture the hotel understandably boasts of, substantiating, at the same time, the high quality standards observed and implemented in all that the hotel puts forward: elegantly furnished rooms, and a wide range of business and leisure facilities and services.

Thus, the 272 rooms and suites available at Hilton Athenee Palace are complemented by a swimming pool, a fitness and a massage center, just to count a few. The presence of the on-site Grand Casino is also worth mentioning. Briefly put, Hilton Athenee Palace of Bucharest falls nothing short of the upmarket standards the international Hilton hotel chain has made a tradition of.

For updated and complete information on the facilities and services available at Hilton Athenee Palace, as well as in order to make online reservations, please visit Hilton Athenee Palace.

Grand Continental Hotel

Unlike most of the other 5-star hotels in Bucharest, Grand Continental Hotel strikes, first of all, by the architectural qualities of the building where it is hosted. Indeed, located on one of the historical avenues of Bucharest (Calea Victoriei) within a historical building dating back to the 19th century, Grand Continental Hotel keeps much of the atmosphere typical of those times while providing guests with ultramodern facilities and services (business and leisure alike).

Indeed, historical by its architectural and decorative virtues and state-of-the-art by the quality of the services and facilities provided, the 54-room Grand Continental Hotel is an ideal solution for tourists in search of an alternative on the classic luxury side of the spectrum.

For detailed information on the amenities and services available at Grand Continental Hotel, as well as for making online reservations, please visit Grand Continental Hotel.

Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza is, as a rule, a top choice for business travelers. Indeed, the hotel lays a special emphasis on the business facilities and services provided, trying (successfully, for that matter) to keep up with the latest technologies in the field. The 12 conference rooms are exemplary in this respect.

However, unlike its counterparts in Bucharest, the 164-room Crowne Plaza is located in a somewhat tranquil area of the city, and, on top of the inner facilities, it does stand out in sharp relief by its large green gardens where sundry events (private or corporate) can be organized on request. Three restaurants and a lounge bar complement the tourist infrastructure of the hotel.

For a complete description of the amenities and services provided by Crowne Plaza, as well as in order to make online reservations, please visit Crowne Plaza.

Casa Capşa

Casa Capşa is, without a doubt, the main alternative to the international hotel chains with branches in Bucharest. It’s not just the fact Casa Capşa has been a landmark of the local and international tourism since the mid 19th century, but also the fact it was the favorite place of meeting for the politicians and artists throughout the centuries that contributed to this hotel's prestige. Casa Capşa has built a reputation in this respect, and, in fact, by its classic style interior decorations and furnishing, as well as by its outer architectural features, it keeps much of the historical atmosphere reminiscent of those times. At times, the hotel was appraised for its high quality standard accommodation services, being deemed one of the best hotels in the world.

The namesake historical confectionery and pastry shop shares much of the reputation the hotel proper enjoys. It might understandably be included on the potential gourmet tours of Bucharest.

In order to learn more about the historical background of the hotel and about its contribution to the tourist infrastructure of Bucharest, as well as in order to make online reservations, please visit Casa Capşa.

Carol Parc Hotel

If in search of more than a mainstream luxury solution, tourists are strongly advised to take Carol Parc Hotel into account. Carol Parc Hotel is the only 5-star small luxury hotel in Romania, and, on top of that, it is located on the highest altitude Bucharest, which provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy great panoramic views of the capital.

The 19 rooms and suites available at Carol Parc Hotel are furnished and decorated in a classic elegant style, managing not to suffocate the atmosphere with too much decorative detail. However, as an example of how this unique 5-star boutique hotel observes the quality and value of the interior decorations, it should be mentioned Carol Parc Hotel is home to the largest Murano crystal chandelier in the world.

The three bars and restaurants of the hotel, deemed some of the top eating and drinking venues in Bucharest, stand as further highlights. They are intended for the exclusive use of the hotel’s guests.

In order to learn more about the services provided by Carol Parc Hotel, as well as in view of making online reservations, please visit Carol Parc Hotel.

Radisson Blu

The 5-star Radisson Blu (or Radisson SAS) is one of the largest luxury hotels in Bucharest, counting no less than 424 rooms and suites. It is, it too, located in the central area of Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei, and it welcomes visitors with a large range of facilities and services. The elegance of the venue is clearly rather on the modern side of the spectrum, with a charm yielded by simple lines and warm and relaxing colors.

One of the highlights of Radisson Blu in terms of special amenities refers to the luxurious Bali Spa center, ideal for recovery and relaxation. Platinum Casino, one of the largest casinos in Romania, is also located within the precincts of Radisson Blu.

For thorough information on the facilities and services provided by Radisson Blu (the business ones included), as well as in order to make online reservations, please visit Radisson Blu.

Epoque Hotel

Located near the splendidly landscaped Cişmigiu Park, Epoque Hotel enjoys a central location in Bucharest, but given its close calm surroundings, it is also an oasis of tranquility for its guests. Here, visitors can enjoy the benefits of an exclusive range of facilities and services, all conceived such as to make clients feel the dedication with which they are attended by the hotel staff.

The Epoque Bistro, specialized in French cuisine, and the Epoque Bar, which tempts clients with the finest selection of wines and cigars, complement the tourist platform of the hotel. The spa center of the hotel is also worth mentioning, since it provides a wide range of massages and relaxation and wellness-related treatments.

In order to learn more about Epoque Hotel, the complete range of services it provides and to make online reservations, please visit Epoque Hotel.

Hotel Persepolis

Counting no more than 30 rooms and apartments, Hotel Persepolis is a small jewel of refinement and elegance, being both leisure and business-oriented. It is a place which treasures the comfort and the interests of its guests, which is why each of the rooms and suites is fitted such as to comply with these objectives. The fitness center, the indoor swimming pool, the restaurant and the three bars complement the leisure infrastructure of the hotel.

Hotel Persepolis is located in north Bucharest, in the vicinity of the ROMEXPO Complex.

For a complete description of the facilities and services offered by Hotel Persepolis, and in order to make online reservations, please visit Hotel Persepolis.

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