Bucharest, like most of the country, features a mild temperate climate. Given the air temperatures shift dramatically from a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius in summer to a minimum of -20 degrees Celsius in winter, Bucharest is understandably advisable as tourist destination in spring and autumn, when the air temperature values tend to stabilize around 20 degrees Celsius.

There is no general excess of rainfalls, though extended periods characterized by high humidity levels are common in Bucharest, spring to autumn. This juncture makes it difficult for unadvised tourists to make a pleasant experience of Bucharest, especially in summer when the heat adds to the list of climatic hindrances.

Snowfalls in Bucharest tend to be quite unpredictable. Winter temperatures are invariably low, but as far as precipitations are concerned, Bucharest experiences either long periods of snowfall or intervals characterized by lack of snowfall.

The climatic picture of Bucharest is generated both by the geographical location of the city, in a plain area, and by the impact of the intensely urbanized region of Bucharest and of its close surroundings.

For updated information on the weather conditions of Bucharest, follow the links below. They feature forecasts taking into account parameters like air temperatures, humidity level, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and the like.

Weather forecast provided by Meteo.ro.

Weather forecast provided by Weather Underground.

Weather forecast provided by Vremea Kappa.

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