The tourist assets of Bucharest, though rich enough to be worthy of attention and popularization, have long been neglected by the local authorities. The chaotically produced informative brochures one could purchase from bookshops or newspaper stands offered, and still do, valuable information on the main sights and recommended tours of Bucharest, as well as on the chief tourist attractions of the country.

However, comprehensive travel advice for Bucharest did not exist until recently, when a tourist information point was set up in the University passage. The point consists of several touch screen devices and of a tourist information office proper which makes available brochures with information on the tourist essentials of the city. The system is yet to be perfected, since it does not include crucial sections and it is still available in Romanian only.

Obviously, the question of a tourist information office in Bucharest, though vital to the tourist openness of the city, still falls in the range of things considered works in progress.

Tourist information office
Piaţa Universității, Bucharest, Romania
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